What We Do

Irrespective of the financial status of an individual, when a disaster occurs, it cripples the rich and the poor. At Sakal Relief Fund (SRF), our volunteers and associate team unit render support to all those people who have grieved the trauma and feeling vulnerable at the same time. Our disaster response NGO has taken several initiatives to bring the disaster-affected lives back on track.

Sakal Relief Fund, a disaster response NGO in India, is fighting to assist and empower people in case of unforeseen emergencies and any ongoing crisis. Due to climate change in different parts of the nation on an untimely basis, the humanitarian crises have become more complex than ever. Underprivileged families went through a lot of disturbances whenever any disaster took place. During the disaster period, they don't get enough to satisfy their hunger, struggle to manage a shelter for survival, and rebuilding of dreams seems to be too imaginary for them. We need to determine the ways through which people from all the communities would prepare themselves for responding to emergencies and coping with wrecks as well. In addition to this, we are deriving the appropriate solutions for handling disasters and emergencies and don't let them worsen the condition for underprivileged ones and others. At SRF, we are responding to the needs of frontline workers, along with people belonging to vulnerable families.

We believe that our ethical steps in the direction of supporting the sufferers of natural disasters will transform the lives of many, and things would get restored as they were before the disaster occurred.

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