About Sakal Relief Fund: Natural
Disaster Relief NGO in India

India is one of the most disaster prone countries in the world, 23 out of 29 states are multi-disaster prone regions. Over 40 million hectare of land has been identified as flood prone. About 57% of the total area is vulnerable to earthquake of varying intensities. The Indian Ocean is one among the six key cyclone-prone regions of the world. The coromandel coastal line is more prone, about 80% of the total cyclones generated in the region hit here.

Every year millions of Indians were affected by natural disasters. These disasters leave people traumatised by the death of family, friends and their lives devastated by their loss of livelihood. The impact is high and it has been increasing dramatically in the last few decades in terms of number of people affected and the length of time they are affected for. This trend is expected to keep rising in coming years.

To deal with disasters, there is an urgent need of local institution, which can play a pro-active role in disaster management. This resulted in the establishment of Sakal Relief Fund, a registered Indian NGO born in 1942 after the Bengal Famine is dedicated to provide disaster response and preparedness activities across India.

Role of Sakal Relief Fund (SRF) NGO in Natural Disaster/Calamities

Sakal Relief Fund, has framed certain policies keeping in mind the disasters taking place from time to time in India. Also, we are encouraging the disaster preparedness exercises along with the support from the end of government bodies to ensure effective disaster response along with its preparedness. In the past, several times, disasters and natural calamities have tried to pull the nation back. Still, the dedicated and combined efforts of individuals and community organizations have helped the country in standing against all the odds.

Being a disaster response NGO, we have served underprivileged communities with flood relief material such as drinking water facilities, food item distribution, and healthcare and medical support.

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